The Advanced Sales, Prospecting, and Social Media Program


      Advanced Sales, Prospecting & Social Media Strategies

(3 Online Training Webinars)

Normally $999



•     Bonus #1 The Ultimate Selling System 

( 4 45 Minute Online Modules)

Normally $600

•     Bonus #2 The Success Library

(20 E-Books and Reports)

Normally $100


•     Bonus #3 "The Next Level Book of Business Quotations"

(Inspirational Quotes to Improve Your Mindset)


Normally $45

•     Bonus #4  Generate Great Linkedin Leads in 10 minutes Per Day    

(45 Minute "Live" Session)

Normally $299



$2000+ Grand Total







Or 3 monthly installments of $199




























Note: Charges will be displayed on your credit card statement as Training or Sales Training



Legal Stuff

I understand that I will receive access to all of the online materials  within 24 hours of my registering.

I understand that this program is made up of 4 online training modules and 3 "Live" webinars that are designed to help me accelerate my phone sales and that the online modules are available online 24/7.

I understand that this is not a get rich quick product and that I will have to actually apply what I learn
to increase my sales.

I understand that under the terms of the Satisfaction Guarantee,  if after taking part in all of the trainings provided I feel that the program will not help me increase my income, then I can send in my completed worksheets for a full refund within 60 days of initial purchase. I understand that I must have taken part in all of the "Live" trainings and return the completed worksheets to be eligible for this offer. Aside from this there will be will be no refunds, or cancellations, no exceptions.

I understand that I cannot share  logon passwords and user names. Our system is designed to
detect this immediately, and suspend any account where more than one person signs on using the
same username and password.

I understand that I am solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws & regulations.
Nothing in this program should be construed as a replacement for legal advice.








Advanced Sales, Prospecting,

and Social Media Strategies


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