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New items are being added almost daily. So if you don`t see what you are looking for give us a call on 1-888-894-2929.

The Ultimate Phone Sales System // Regular​


How to master using the phone to set more appointments and make more sales 

The Regular Package:  4 Online Training Modules 


Module One: Laying the Foundation For Dramatic Phone Sales Acceleration

Module Two: Communicating As a World-Class Sales Professional

Module Three: Mastering Advanced Communication Skills

Module Four: Making The Shift From Phone Sales to Strategic Entrepreneur

Consisting of:  

Online Virtual Training Videos, Multiple Training Sessions Per Module,     Advanced Telephone Tactics, Social Networking Strategies,   Advance Lead Generation Techniques,   Power Telephone Persuasion Skills, Downloadable Mp3, Mp4 files and Transcripts 


Just $600


Call 1-888-894-2929 to register


The Ultimate Phone Sales System // VIP

As above but also including:


Overcoming Objections Clinic Program

Plus a 30 minute personal coaching session with Gary


Just $999

Call 1-888-894-2929 to register

​Jan 31, 2023

Overcoming Objections Clinic

All that you need to overcome any objection that you ever come across

1) 26 page report on "Handling objections and reframing"
2) "Handling objections and reframing" a 25 minute video in Mp4 format
3) "Handling objections and reframing" a 25 minute audio in Mp3 format             
4) "Objection Handling Scripts" a 10 page report
5) "Objection Handling Strategies" a 5 page report

6) 20 minute one on one session on Objection Handling with Gary personally.



Just $497






Conversation Power

Learn how to control the conversation flow in any sales conversation  

1) A 20 page report on "How to Control the Conversation"  
2) "How to Control the Conversation" a 25 minute video in Mp4 format
3) "How to Control the Conversation" a 25 minute audio in Mp3 format            v
4) A 15 minute one on one coaching session with Gary personally.



Just $399



Linkedin Lead Machine

Learn how to use Linkedin to develop an endless list of leads and referrals 


Program consists of 3 online videos and 4 PDF transcripts


Just $497



Voice Mail Report


Learning to Love Voice Mail 

Hate Dealing with Voice Mail!


Learn to Love it!


85% of all salespeople say that dealing with voicemail is their biggest obstacle to success in selling!


Are you sick and tired of leaving voice mail messages that don`t get returned?


Are you so burned out with leaving messages that don`t get returned, that now you don`t even bother to leave any?


Do you think that you make more money if you could actually get clients to call you back?


Well now you can!


Learn the 3 Secret Techniques for leaving voice mails that actually get prospects to call you back.


Learn  Voice Mail Scripts that get will actually get your calls returned up to 60% of the time.


Get more business than you ever dreamed possible by learning how to use Voice Mail as a business generation machineLearn how to make getting put into voice mail a major positive,not a negative.


PDF Report 


Just $49



Zero to Success in 1 Hour

Intensive 1 Hour training designed to get you prepared to be successful on the phone.


Live training $100 per person. Minimum 4 people. Buy 6 get 1 extra place free.


Preparation as in anything else is critical in cold calling.

Learn what it takes to get your team ready for success.


From $100 per person


Call 1-888-894-2929 to book




Products that I use and highly recommend

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