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Services that we provide.


We provide many different services to help sales and business people become more successful.

If you are looking for a product, or service that is not listed here, let us know and we will see if we can help.

Virtual Training



Over the past 5 years Gary has developed

a suite of virtual training programs designed to educate sales people to develop and enhance the skills needed to make them achieve success in todays difficult and competive market place.


Take one of our Free webinars to discover how he can help you achieve your sales goals.


Sales Managers: Would you like a free customised training session for your team?

Call now for details 1-888-894-2929.




Voice Over Service



Gary is a voice over specialist, having recorded numerous TV & Radio commercials, and other business projects. He has been trained in voice over techniques by some of the top voice over actors of the day, and has completed several prestigous Public Speaking Courses at major Arizona educational facilities.


If you need a polished English voice for a promotion, commercial, voice mail directory, or even for just a voice mail greeting call Gary at



You won`t be dissapointed.


Enhance your sales skills and build a series of techniques, scripts and techniques personally tailored to you and your business with personal one on one coaching sessions with Gary.


Call 1-888-894-2929


Need a script for a new campaign, 

or a script to replace the terrible one that you are using now that doesn`t get results (except dialtones)?


Call me I can help.


From a simple prospecting script to a complete sales campaign.


Call Gary for details 1-888-894-2929


Our team conducts one day sales training and motivational seminars/webinars throughout North America.


We are currently promoting the " Sales Mastery" events via Zoom and can offer you a choice of complimentary business building workshops for your group with one of our top trainers.


We do this as a risk free way for you and your team to experience our training and test drive some of the techniques and ideas included in it for no charge. Call 1-888-894-2929








Need a speaker for a special event?


Gary, and his trainers are available for keynote speeches from 30 mins to all day seminars.


Please call us for more details.






MC/Host Services.



If you are in need of an experienced and polished host or mc for your event, let us know.

Gary has hosted literally hundreds of webinars, and seminars and can give your event that extra professional touch. Call for details 1-888-894-2929

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